Yullbe Wonderland for people who otherwise can't afford it - step 1/4

On select days this January, we would like to invite everyone to join our 10-minute “Walking in Wonderland” to play for free who otherwise could not afford it. We don't expect proof, just an honest self-assessment.

The promotion is only valid on the days listed below and a appointment reservation for Yullbe Wunderland is absolutely necessary, as we are here for technical reasons have limited quotas. You just come to the counter with your reservation and say “I can't afford it” and then you can try our 10-minute VR experience “Walking in Wonderland” to play. If you don't dare to say that, put down a note, we'll understand you.

Please note that the minimum age is 8!
In our experience, children under the age of 8 do not understand and benefit from the experience.

At best, please visit us Monday-Thursday afternoon, this is when we have the most spaces available. Please leave the few places on Sundays for the families, because school children can often only come to us on weekends.

As we said, we trust you not to abuse this promotion and only use this option if Yullbe Wonderland is otherwise too expensive for you 😊

You can also visit the Miniatur Wunderland for free if you can't afford it, you can find the information here. In this case, however, you do not have priority entry and you may have to accept waiting times. No appointment reservations are possible for the Wunderland to avoid waiting times.

Please select the date first:

Yullbe dates in January 2023

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